A R W Real Estate Toolkit: Application for real estate agents.

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Purpose: Generate home warranty invoices to be used in real estate closings.

Issues to solve: To automate the process of generating an invoice added as part of a real estate transaction. Prior to creating this application, a real estate agent had to call customer service to select from the warranty plans available. An invoice would then be generated and emailed to the agent.

Solution: Create an application in which a real estate agent can generate their own quotes and invoices, as well as the capability to print and download copies and add different real estate and closing companies.

UI: A landing page was created with detailed information for the home warranty plans. As a hook the real estate agent may create a quote before registering but is required to create an account in order to save or print the quote.

Result: Dramatically reduced the time customer service agents were spending on this task allowing them to focus on collecting payments.

Team: From inception to completion, I managed and performed the work for this project including UX/UI design and coding for the user interface. An additional programmer built the application.

Technology: I used Codeigniter PHP framework, coded the UI with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, and programmer coded the application with AngularJS.

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