A R W: An application to purchase a warranty plan.

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Purpose: An online option to purchase a home warranty.

Issues to solve: From a 5-step process including "review and pay", tracking events on Google Analytics show that most users drop from the process at step 3. At this step, users were presented with a number of "bundle options" depending upon the plan they've selected.

Challenges: The application serves a dual purpose, first to act as a lead generator - capturing user contact information at the first step of the process and second to present the user with bundle options in order to reduce the need for upsell pitches in the future.

Solution: I reduced the number of steps in the process to 3 by presenting bundle options as "plans" and a separate step to select additional coverage while still capturing lead data by using a form in the landing page (the application only receives referral traffic).

UI: I removed a number of elements that were not essential such as cart and steps progress. To keep the user engaged, I used an accordion layout that shows at glance that the process is short and straight forward. Each step is dependent upon the previous step so the user cannot move forward until the required selection or information is provided. However, a user can freely navigate back to previous steps to change their selections. Additionally, the background image was removed and I used a lighter color theme as per management request.

Result: There was a marked increase in the number of customers who completed the ordering process.

Team: From inception to completion, I managed and performed the work for this project including UX/UI design and coding for the user interface. An additional programmer built the application.

Technology: I used Codeigniter PHP framework, coded the UI with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, and programmer coded the application with JQuery.

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